Oil & Gas

The P.D.System System is a critical foundation for successful implementation of oil and gas industry production applications. The system is a flexible, powerful and continually growing family of applications and tools that gather, manipulate and make operational information readily available to everyone who needs it - in the proper context for each user and presented in an instantly understandable visual form.

P.D.System Solutions

For more than 15 years, the oil industry has been using data acquisition systems to augment standard control systems. In the refinery control room, an accurate knowledge of process variables allowed operators to monitor specific events as well as equipment and process performances. Soon production, pipelines, petrochemicals, and supply and distribution users began to employ process information systems for their oil and gas operations.

With its deep roots in oil refineries, the P.D.System System remains the process information industry leader. Real-time data are now instantly available throughout the enterprise, no matter what the size. While users continue to employ the P.D.System System for traditional operational analysis, data are also available for a large variety of other users, such as planners, environmental engineers, equipment specialists, and company management. The majority of worldwide oil companies use the P.D.System System to run leaner, smoother operations in today's competitive environment.


The real-time data provided by the P.D.System System affords Oil and Gas companies to affect production efficiency by:
- icon Decrease time to bring wells online
- icon Less transition between initial well uptime and optimizing the well production in real-time
- icon Decrease in downtime of wells (i.e. production increase)
- icon Higher recovery rates by increase of reservoir management (integrated information from multiple systems)

The real-time data provided by the P.D.System System helps the companies affect operational efficiency by:
- icon Enabling proactive maintenance through condition-based monitoring
- icon Personnel work efficiency through management of data by exception (focus on analysis instead of the ring the data)
- icon Provides data necessary for safety monitoring, as well as regulatory reporting

With the P.D.System System, customers can consolidate all operational data from remote locations and provide this data to everyone in a business unit (and higher), this can set the stage for base lining and ranking performance based on common measurement data. From this, goals and KPI's can be established, which can then help improve performance.