MISys manufacturing software is Accpac's manufacturing system which like all Accpac modules can be integrated seamlessly into all other Accpac products and Modules. MISys is the most economical and easy to use manufacturing software system on the market today. If you have been searching for a manufacturing system that is both affordable and user-friendly, search no more.

MISys Manufacturing was designed to fit small-to-midsized manufacturing firms with the basic functionality they need, but expand with advanced capabilities as growth demands. MISys is modular, so you purchase just the functionality you need.

icon Level 1 - Provides the basic functionality all manufacturing firms need: inventory control, multi-level bills of material, revision control, and integrated purchasing. It's the perfect place to start to get your production operations under control.

icon Level 2 - When the time is right, move up to Level 2, which adds production control, master production scheduling (MPS), and material requirements planning (MRP) capabilities.

icon Level 3 - Add MISys Level 3 to zero-in on your shop floor operations and get detailed production efficiency and cost analyses.

Additional MISys Features

Some additional features offered on top of the feature rich standard MISys Manufacturing system include:

icon Bin Tracking - Although the MISys Manufacturing System supports an unlimited number of warehouse locations, special requirements are imposed by manufacturers who store the same inventory item at several physical locations so it is important to know 1) how many bins, containers, bales, barrels, or bolts exist and 2) what quantity of the inventoried item is available in each container. This is the task handled adeptly by the MISys Bin Tracking System.

icon Serial/Lot Tracking - MISys Serial/Lot Tracking is a computer program designed specifically for users of the MISys Manufacturing System who need to track the serial number or lot number of the items they use or build. This capability is particularly important to manufacturers of food products, medical instrumentation, pharmaceuticals, and other specialized products. It is also useful to manufacturers who use containerized raw materials, such as barrels of oil, bolts of cloth, rolls or sheets of material, and who wish to monitor the quantity available in each barrel, bolt, roll, or sheet.

icon Custom Configurator - Manufacturing companies that perform significant make-to-order work will find the MISys Custom Configurator an invaluable addition to the MISys Manufacturing System. The Custom Configurator is rules-based so that only pre-defined configurations can be built. The MISys Custom Configurator was designed to meet the needs of manufacturers who build specific variations of a product based on a pre-defined set of configuration options.

icon Web Deployment - Web Deployment is an extra-cost option for the MISys Manufacturing System that provides the opportunity to deploy MISys over a web-based network, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing accessibility. When MISys is deployed over a web, users access the program and its data using a standard web browser.

icon Bar-coding - Tedious and error-prone data entry can be significantly eliminated with the implementation of an effective bar-coding system.The MISys Bar-coding System is a turn-key solution including the hardware and software required to print and collect bar-coded data in a manufacturing environment. The Bar-code System comes pre-programmed for physical inventory and stock transfer applications, but can be re-programmed for virtually any desired application.

icon MISys Manufacturing System Requirements - The MISys Manufacturing System can be run as a stand-alone product, or fully integrated with the Accpac Advantage Series account modules from Accpac International. Furthermore, MISys can be deployed in a client/server environment or deployed on a company intranet.