Manufaturing Execution Systems

Manufacturing Execution Systems close the gap between Business Enterprise Systems and production execution. This includes shop-floor instrumentation, control hardware, planning and control systems, process engineering, inventory, quality systems and customer satisfaction.

What is MES? It allows real time visibility, control, and access to all manufacturing resources including equipment, labor, orders, and inventory. The real value of MES systems is the data that is automatically converted into actionable information.

This leads to improved decision making for all departments including: operations, manufacturing management, sales, engineering, shipping, and purchasing. Properly designed MES infrastructures provide a centralized and synchronized backbone for all plant information systems.

P.D.System is the leading provider of flexible Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) that give organizations visibility and control of production. The product is optimized for rapidly changing production environments and is fully integrated into the complete ERP solution.

Many ERP software companies claim to support manufacturing companies, but they do little more than accounting, order entry, and other office tasks. They are not suitable for use on the shop floor and they provide little value to the manufacturing department. Many manufacturers indicate that traditional ERP software actually hinders manufacturing, rather than helps it.

P.D.System is the largest provider of MES solutions for discrete manufacturers. For over 15 years, our MES solutions have been delivering value to the Asia's top manufacturers in a variety of industries. Our deep domain experience and means we can help you optimize a MES solution that is right for your production requirements.

Some of the benefits with regards to MES solutions are:
- Increase traceability
- Increase productivity
- Increase timeliness and accuracy of information
- Paperless production
- Reduce the cost to collect information
- Tracks the costs and reasons for scrap and rework
- Add real time visibility and transparency on all operational levels
- Improve quality
- Improve manufacturing efficiency
- Helps you better execute the production schedule
- Allows you to respond to unplanned events
- Anables better production decisions and more accurate customer commitments
- Work-in-Progress (WIP) inventory levels
- Create flexibility to respond to market demand, unforeseen events and rush orders

P.D.System MES solutions include:
- Job / production management
- Process instructions
- Production tracking / scheduling
- Tool tracking
- Inventory management
- Part genealogy
- Labor tracking
- Equipment tracking
- Product genealogy
- Costing
- Electronic signature capture
- Defect and resolution monitoring
- Key Performance Indicator monitoring / alarming and other various reporting solutions
- PLC machine integration, and much more

P.D.System MES includes the following base requirements for an Manufacturing Execution System:
- Real Time
- Online
- Simple, easy-to-use design for use by shop floor personnel
- Built-in Bar Code Labeling
- Built-in support for mobile/wireless handheld units
- Built-in integration with machine PLCs
- Built-in integration with weigh scales, packaging machines, and other equipment